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I understand that this application does NOT constitute an agreement on the part of STERLING MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD. (Sterling Mgmt.)

I acknowledge the right of Sterling Mgmt. at any time prior to execution and delivery to me of a lease covering the property hereby applied for, to withdraw, revoke, or cancel, without penalty or liability for damages or otherwise, any acceptance or approval of this application previously made or given.

I agree and consent that credit inquiries, and any other inquiries as deemed necessary by Sterling Mgmt. may be made at any item in connection with this application. I acknowledge and consent that DOGS AND ANY OTHER PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION.

Sterling Management Services Ltd. (Sterling Mgmt.), which term shall also include any landlord of any premises of which the Applicant's may become tenants as a result of this application, including any successor to such landlord is hereby authorized to obtain whatever personal information about the Applicant's as it may reasonably require, including, but not limited to, employment history and income, tenant history and credit information, from current and former landlords, current and former employers, current and former suppliers, creditors and financial services, credit agencies; or any person in a substantially similar relationship to the applicant.

This consent shall be sufficient authorization for such parties to disclose to Sterling Mgmt. any personal information relating to the Applicant's. Sterling Mgmt. is hereby authorized to disclose personal information about the Applicant's gained from the Applicants application, and also personal information about the Applicant's relating to, and obtained in connection with any tenancy that may result from this application to any person who bona fide purports to be a prospective or current employer or landlord of the Applicant/s without obtaining any further consent from Applicant's.

Sterling Mgmt. is hereby authorized to retain personal information during tenancy and after tenancy ceases.

Sterling Mgmt. is hereby authorized to do random checks about the Applicant's to other Management Companies in the area.


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